What is ISO 14001 Certification?

It is one of the standards among various international standards that stand for the environment Management system. It is one of the important standards which has been implemented across many industry sectors in Jeddah with results showing positive for reduced pollution and increased environmental efficiency. It focuses on identifying all the environmental aspects and Impact which are directly interacting with the environment by the Services or products of any organization. For the various impacts that will be identified, a control or mitigation plan is designed which gives assurance that each environmental impact has been defined & the necessary solutions are in place. ISO 14001 certification in Riyadh focuses more on improvement so that impact on the environment shall be reduced for a longer time continually.

What are the advantages of ISO 14001 Certification?

ISO 14001 in Riyadh helps organizations to reduce the impact on the environment by reducing pollution. Having an ISO 14001 in Dammam shows the extra concern of the company towards the environment, making your clients believe ineffective management of resources that can impact the environment. ISO 14001 certification in Riyadh is needed to apply for many of the government tenders. ISO certification in Jeddah helps organizations to streamline the process resulting in increased environmental efficiency. ISO certification in Saudi helps improves the brand value of the organization which helps in global recognition & results in global business opportunities. ISO 14001 certification Dammam helps an organization to bring the process in order which is very important to gain a good market edge over your competitors In future, it shall be a mandatory requirement from customer and they might hire an external third-party auditor to check whether you comply with the ISO 14001 in Saudi.

Key steps for the ISO 14001 certification procedure:

  1. Definition of certification scope.
  2. Pre-audit (optional); gap analysis and identification of your current position against the standard.
  3. Initial audit to verify the implementation of the essential structure of the Environmental Management System.
  4. Certification audit (certificate issued).
  5. Surveillance audits to follow the continual improvement.
  6. Recertification after three years through full audit or continual assessment.

Benefits of ISO 14001 Certification in Saudi Arabia:

  1. ISO 14001 improves company image among the purchasers and regulators.
  2. ‎Reducing pollution means improved productivity and more efficient use of resources.
  3. Helps Reduce costs for emissions, discharges, waste handling, transport, and disposal.
  4. Increased demand for their services and products through a marketing advantage.
  5. Lowering business costs by reducing resource consumption and waste production.
  6. Achieving their environmental commitments and environmental policy requirements.
  7. Meeting their environmental legal requirements and Committing to social responsibilities.
  8. Promoting a positive image with stakeholders, customers, and employees.
  9. Retaining environmental knowledge and ensuring information is effectively communicated and Sustainably develop their business.

Why choose Finecert for ISO 14001 in Saudi Arabia?

ISO 14001 consultants from Finecert are independent and impartial in everything we do. We have some of the experienced consultants which help your organization to implement ISO 14001. Our services do not end with your Certification, rather we help our customers to maintain their system. We have services that include an annual maintenance contract where we help our customers to maintain and be compliant with the standard requirements. The cost of ISO 14001 certification in Saudi Arabia depends on the consultant you have hired as you shall be paying for their abilities and competence in delivering the project and helping you provide industry best practices. ISO in Saudi by an accredited and respected certification body is nowadays required by organizations that are concerned about the Quality of Services being provided to them. 

For more information about ISO 14001 certification, you can write to us at  contact@finecert.com or visit www.finecert.com and submit an inquiry with all information. One of our experts shall contact you at the earliest to understand your requirements better and provide the best available solution in the market.

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