ISO 22301:2019 - Business Continuity Management

ISO 22301:2019 Certification

Many businesses and organisations must be able to limit harm while remaining operational in the event of an emergency. Business Continuity Management is governed by ISO 22301, an international standard (BCM). ISO 22301 certification is a standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization to aid organisations in preventing, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from unexpected and disruptive events. The standard accomplishes this by providing a practical framework for establishing and maintaining a successful business continuity management system. ISO 22301 certification is designed to protect a business from a variety of dangers and disruptions. If you need to show stakeholders that your company can quickly recover from operational disruptions in order to provide consistent and effective service, this standard might be perfect for you.

Many countries throughout the world have legislation in place to clarify an organization’s emergency preparation responsibilities. Oftentimes, these responsibilities entail implementing Business Continuity Management. As a result, every organisation legally compelled to engage in contingency planning, such as utilities, transportation, health, and important public services, should obtain ISO 22301 certification. Obtaining ISO 22301 certification can help your firm increase resiliency and improve risk management, whether you need to use the standard to stay in compliance with industry standards or not.

“The rigour of a recognised management system has sped up the process and assured that we were able to supply what our clients require: a continuous service,” says the company. E.L.F.S

Why Choose Finecert for ISO 22301 Certification?

Finecert is well-positioned to work with you to satisfy your needs and exceed industry expectations, thanks to its extensive expertise providing approved management system certifications. Technical committees and business partnerships Finecert is actively involved in a number of industry committees and standards developing teams, which allows us to stay on top of industry trends. Finecert is an active member of the working groups and a well-recognized leader.

Our customer’s organisational plan is supported through knowledge transfer. Finecert is dedicated to keeping customers informed about changes in industry strategy, legislation, and standard requirements that may have an impact on your management system plan.

Process of getting ISO 22301 Certification

With the help of QMS, the certification process can take as little as 45 days to complete-

  • Gap Analysis: A QMS Consultant will visit your company to assess and document your current processes and procedures, pointing out any areas that do not match the Standard’s standards.
  • Implementation: Now is the moment to ensure that any essential process or procedural modifications, as outlined in the Review, are implemented. QMS can help you with this by providing templates.
  • Certification: An auditor must now visit your company to ensure that the established procedures are being followed and that the necessary improvements have been implemented. You will be given your certification once they are pleased.

Benefits of ISO 22301

 Here are the top benefits of using the ISO 22301 framework: 

  • Minimising Disruption: ISO 22301 assists you in minimising disruption and maintaining your services by implementing the international best practise technique of ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act.’
  • Flexibility and responsiveness:  ISO helps you cope promptly with any disturbance, whether local or worldwide, and quickly restore services by enhancing your crisis management skills.
  • Accountability: The BCMS guarantees that your stakeholders know what quality of service to expect following any disruption by assisting you in defining acceptable timeframes for resuming business activities.
  • Competitive advantage: Internationally recognised BCMS will boost client confidence in your services by strengthening management across your organisation.
  • Continuous Improvement: Regular audits and risk assessments of your Business Continuity Management System will ensure that it remains successful.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Employees, clients, and other stakeholders will have more faith in you if you can demonstrate that you follow risk management laws and regulations.
  • Save Money: ISO 22301 can assist your firm enhance its financial performance by lowering internal and external BCMS audit costs, as well as insurance premiums.
  • Optimise customer services: Even if you suffer disruption, you will be able to maintain agreed-upon levels of vital services and products to consumers by tightening management controls.
  • Stronger Management: The ISO 22301 framework supports the success of your BCMS by enhancing management engagement and detecting internal and external risks.
  • Brand Reputation: ISO 22301 certification can improve your customer’s perception of you by demonstrating your dedication to providing quality service even during times of disruption.

Industries or organizations that can comply with ISO 22301

More and more countries are enacting legislation and policies that mandate company continuity. However, governments aren’t the only ones who care about greater standards. Business continuity plans and processes are also being demanded by private businesses, particularly financial institutions. ISO 22301 is the ideal framework for achieving these objectives (both governmental and private).

What distinguishes your company from its competitors? When it comes to consumers who are concerned about ensuring the continuity of their operations, ISO 22301 certification gives you an advantage. Certification might help you gain new consumers by demonstrating that you’re one of the finest in your field.