Organic Certification & Consultation

Organic Certification

Organic Certification is an International Certification that specifies the mark for organically farmed food products etc., which are grown on soil without any kind of fertilizers and pesticides being used. This Certification is a seal of approval that shows that the producers have complied with the certification requirements and have been validated by a trusted party. The standards and procedures were developed in accordance with other international regulations handling the export and import of organic products. Organic Certification logos will be authorized to be used on the food products by those farms, who have obtained Organic Farming Certification and follow the organic practice. 

Organic agriculture is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. Agriculture contributes a portion to the economic growth of the country. Organic products are grown with a technique of agriculture that comes under the farming strategy of both environmental and socially responsible practice without any use of prohibited substances which includes synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics, and pesticides, etc. Organic Certifiers (OC) mainly works with organic producers who are committed to supplying organic products to the customers, to assure the production in an integrated manner and manage throughout the entire chain of food. 

Why Choose Finecert for Organic Certification?

FINECERT is one of the globally recognized trusted parties which provides International Certification and Consultation services. We are one of the few consulting companies with a high success rate in implementing management systems across different countries. Our Team can assist in the overall process of documenting, implementing, auditing the Certification requirement with a hassle-free approach. We are one-stop solutions who can help your company get ISO certified on those standards at an affordable price. Our specialization covers various ISO standards services such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, HACCP, and other international standards.

Benefits of obtaining Organic Certification:

  • Organic Certification can help producers and handlers towards farming.
  • It can be achievable at a minimal cost.
  • Gain access towards fast-growing and expanding local, regional, and global markets.
  • With the help of Certification, you can Support local economies.
  • Organic Certification can help you draw customers.
  • Assures product’s value.
  • Protects customers from any kind of fraud.
  • Documenting the records is essential for Certification, which can further benefit you to become a better farmer.
  • This certification enables us to educate the public on the problems of food safety and the sustainability of food products.

The farm and the producer or processing of the agriculture products can be certified in accordance with Organic Certification.