ISO 50001:2018 - Energy Management

ISO 50001:2018 Certification

ISO 50001 is the world’s most widely used company energy management standard. The ISO 50001 certification of an Energy Management System aids organisations in implementing an energy policy and correctly managing energy components originating from their activities, such as services, buildings, goods, and so on, resulting in real, demonstrable energy cost savings. ISO 50001 gives you the skills you need to figure out which activities use the most energy and are causing an ‘energetic and economic leakage.’ Organizations implement an action plan to reduce energy consumption in their own installations and systems while increasing energy efficiency once the problem has been identified. This leads to a more efficient and long-term use of energy while also giving the highest level of assurance in the ISO 50001 management system.

Effective energy management systems (EnMS) assist your company in establishing methods to improve its energy efficiency. Your energy expenses, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and other environmental consequences should all be reduced as a result of implementation. The ISO 50001 standard creates a global framework for energy supply, use, and consumption in industrial, commercial, and institutional settings. Implement an ISO 50001-compliant sustainable energy management system to show that your company is dedicated to increasing its energy efficiency.

Why Choose Finecert For ISO 5001 Certification?

Finecert is a renowned ISO certification consultant with a decade of expertise. From start to finish, we have a committed team of consultants who are passionate about providing 100% client satisfaction throughout the certification process. We also provide services after the certification process is completed to guarantee that our customers have a healthy and long-lasting connection with us.

Our simplified certification process, minimum documentation, End-to-end responsibility and One-stop solution for consulting, training, audit and certification make it simple for organisations and businesses to get ISO certified. We use a cost-effective pricing strategy that is based on the number of employees, products, and services at your organization or  business. If you’d like to learn more about ISO certifications or get a quote, please contact us at

Process of getting ISO 50001 Certification

  • GAP Analysis: Engaging key stakeholders within your organisation is critical to conducting a comprehensive assessment of how your locations are currently operating and identifying strengths, problems, and focus points. Following the completion of a GAP study, our experts will prepare an evaluation report that includes a complete graphic performance profile of the Energy Management System (EnMS), allowing for future target-setting as well as comparison of different organisational units. The new ISO 50001 standard focuses on data collecting in order to plan the energy management system and procedures. It enhances energy efficiency, conforms with legal and other standards, and meets the energy objectives.
  • Implementation Plan: The findings of the gap analysis, as well as a preliminary high-level screening of existing relevant procedures, are summarised in a detailed implementation plan that includes a step-by-step roadmap for implementing the EnMS, as well as a detailed list of actions and their associated planning, roles, and responsibilities.
  • Implementation Support: Our consultants will give comprehensive implementation support and coaching to help your company achieve ISO 50001 certification faster. This assistance includes:
  • Current procedures and working methods are being screened, reviewed, and updated.
  • Developing innovative procedures (if necessary)
  • Implementing all of ISO 50001’s technical requirements (energy baseline, energy plan, energy performance indicators)

Benefits of ISO 50001 Certification

The modified ISO 50001 standard includes the following new features and enhancements:

  • Structural Improvement: Standard 50001, like other ISO standards, provides a high-level framework that enhances alignment with other management systems and allows organisations to integrate various systems.
  • Greater level of continual improvement: The new edition emphasises the need of working on continuous improvement as a major component of an energy management system, with this improvement being more explicitly related to the data obtained from the system’s analysis and evaluation.
  • Greater focus on business: The deployment of a more strategic and tactical Energy Planning Process has shifted the focus to the company. It is also concerned with comprehension, organisation, and context.
  • Better energy performance: It increases the capacity to improve energy performance by incorporating measurements such as an energy performance indicator, a reference energy performance indicator, and ongoing energy performance improvements.
  • Plan, Analyse and Act: The new ISO 50001 standard focuses on data collecting in order to plan the energy management system and procedures. It enhances energy efficiency, conforms with legal and other standards, and meets the energy objectives.

Industries or organizations that can comply with ISO 50001

Installing an Energy Management System as part of an ISO 50001 implementation is a need for reducing resource costs and remaining competitive. When it comes to changing production or methods, however, many companies in the pharmaceutical and other life-science industries are stymied by rigorous rules.

Here’s where Finecert comes in: it connects to existing equipment and systems without requiring any changes to the 3rd party system – and without compromising their qualification or validation status.