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Best ISO certification and consulting services in Baghdad by Finecert with expertise in ISO 9001, 45001, 27001, 14001, 22000 and HACCP standards.

ISO Certification In Baghdad

Iraq’s economy is dominated by the oil sector and its main occupation is Agriculture. Agriculture provides opportunities for other sectors like Food management, Manufacturing, and food processing, and also gives raw materials for various industries. ISO certification in Baghdad helps in the improvement of Quality of the process, Food Safety, Occupational Health and safety, and many more. ISO certificates help in promoting your organization’s Hygiene and also have a safe environment to work.

Certifications are more important if you run a hospital, food service, or manufacturing business. Customers will have more faith in you, and investors will be more willing to invest their money and time in your company. 

There are a variety of certificates available to help businesses achieve various qualities. One of them is ISO certification. As we know, Every business has its own strategies to attract and retain customers. In retaining customers there are different aspects we need to look into. It can be certified business, offers, discounts, promotions, etc. Customers will be with you for not only affordable prices or offers, some will seek certified business.

Why Choose Finecert

Finecert is an ISO certification and advisory organization. We have highly trained personnel who will understand your company’s needs, as well as identify risks and recommend the best solutions. We suggest international standard organization certificates that suit your business. We are providing service in Basrah, Mosul, Erbil,  Sulaymaniyah and many other cities. We help you get ISO certifications like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, ISO 45001, HACCP and other major standards. For our services write us at or call +91-6364214446

Our Services in Baghdad

ISO is an acronym for International Standard Organization. International Organization for Standardization is an independent international body that produces standards that certifies the quality, efficiency, and safety of the product and services. Finecert provides service in major cities of Baghdad. We help you to get different ISO certificates regarding Quality Management systems, Environmental Management systems, Food Management systems, Data Security Management systems, and many more.

ISO 9001 in Baghdad

An international standard for Quality Management Systems is ISO 9001. It provides a framework aiming to deliver goods and services that consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of clients and other relevant interested parties in the most effective way. ISO 9001 in Baghdad follows a process-based methodology and is formed on seven quality management principles, including a strong customer focus, top management participation, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

ISO 14001 in Baghdad

The international standard ISO 14001 covers the planning and implementation of an environmental management system (EMS). To ensure that you do not overlook crucial components necessary for an EMS to be successful, the ISO 1400 in Baghdad requirements provide a framework and guidelines for developing your environmental management system.

ISO 45001 in Baghdad 

Employees are safeguarded by ISO 45001 against accidents and illnesses at the workplace. It also plays a crucial part in ensuring the safety of visitors to your property, including clients and contractors. ISO 45001 in Baghdad can anticipate, manage, and comply with regulations by raising your health and safety system to the level demanded by ISO 45001. By doing this, you lower your risk of legal action, increase productivity, and inspire trust in your clients.

ISO 27001 in Baghdad

ISO 27001 is a set of information technology standards that are intended to help businesses of all sizes and industries implement effective information security. You must identify sensitive or valuable data that must be safeguarded, as well as the various ways in which that data may be compromised. The ISO 27001 in Baghdad standard’s actual concept is risk management.

ISO 22000 in Baghdad

ISO 22000 is specific to Food safety, this standard outlines how one organization can display its ability to control hazards to ensure food is safe. Unsafe food can have serious repercussions Supplying/Providing unsafe food might put a company’s reputation at peril. ISO 22000 in Baghdad includes food manufacturing and packing material production. When your customers are aware that you are adhering to this particular standard, they are more likely to trust the goods you are producing. It is an advantage for producers, manufacturers, retailers, regulators, and also more importantly consumers.

HACCP certification in Baghdad

HACCP plan must have a comprehensive set of documents and procedures on how to identify and analyze hazards, limit, control, and monitor any potential hazard in your food chain in order to function as a food safety management system. HACCP certification in Baghdad is a scientific approach to food sanitation control that ensures food product safety and hygiene through an efficient and self-driven hygiene control system.

Process of getting ISO Certified in Baghdad

  • Requirement gathering
  • Gap Analysis
  • Documentation
  • Awareness & internal audit training
  • Management review & pre-audit
  • External audit
Process of ISO Certification

Benefits of ISO certification in Baghdad

  • Improvement of Quality and Consistency of the process
  • More business opportunities
  • Reduces Waste
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Transparent management visibility
  • Improvement in employee performance
  • Identifies risk and provides a solution
  • Reduces costs