How will startups benefit from ISO 9001 implementation in Lebanon?

ISO 9001 is the world’s preferred standard well-known for the Quality Management System(QMS), which is included in the ISO 9000 family. The current version of ISO 9001 was released in the month of September 2015. It aims to increase the service quality and deliver the quality product offered by the businesses and to continue monitoring in order to meet market-relevant standards and regulatory requirements. It is one of the approved and popular standards in the ISO series and the only standard in which organizations can get certified This standard is applicable to any or all the fields regardless of the scale, nature, and size of the organization. ISO 9001 provides a corporation with a collection of principles that guarantee a targeted, informed, scientific, and established approach to the management of business activities to systematically attain client satisfaction and regularly improve operational effectiveness & helps all types of organizations to succeed through improved client satisfaction, employee’s motivation and continual improvement.

Principles of ISO 9001 –

  1. Relationship management
  2. ‎Process approach
  3. ‎Engagement of individuals
  4. ‎Evidence-based decision making
  5. ‎Leadership
  6. ‎Customer focus

The ISO 9001:2015 certification does not certify the product of the corporate. It solely focuses on an operating methodology that forces a corporation to ascertain a high-quality management system.

Benefits of ISO 9001 Certification in Lebanon-

  1. ISO 9001 certification can assist you to cut back product or service errors and maximize internal potency leading to improved client satisfaction.
  2. ‎ISO helps your organization to realize perfection through method improvement. Improving consistency means that your customers expect consistency in quality. A lot of the consistency and potency, the lesser are the waste and price.
  3. ‎This helps your organization to extend client satisfaction and business opportunities. By implementing the ISO 9001 can facilitate your organization to cut back service or product errors and maximize internal potency leading to improved satisfaction.
  4. ‎It helps your organization to boost communication throughout your organization. Address best practices to all or any workers and drive enhancements across your offer chain.
  5. ‎It helps to work out the opportunities and risks in a systematic and structured manner.

Implementing ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001 certification in Lebanon is a quality management system certification. It demands a corporation to be client-focused and customer committed. A number of the points to be considered-

  • Quality manual, quality procedures, quality set up, Quality policy, Quality objectives preparations.
  • Production/service designing
  • Product/ service inspection-verification-testing from the incoming, in-process, and end.
  • Preventive and breakdown maintenance of equipment’s
  • Vendor selection and their reassessment. System of coordinating complete buying info to the provider.
  • Product storage to preserve their quality
  • Reviewing client inquiries-orders
  • Client complaints and client feedback handling mechanisms
  • Worker ability review and their periodic items of training

Why choose Finecert for ISO 9001 in Lebanon?

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