ISO 9001: 2015- Quality Management

ISO 9001 certification in Ghana

The International Standard for Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001) was initially published in 1987 by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and is now one of the most widely used management tools in the world. ISO 9001 Certification in Ghana is intended to assist organizations in meeting the expectations of customers and other stakeholders by providing a framework for ensuring consistent quality in the delivery of goods and/or services. This standard takes a process-oriented approach and is based on seven quality management principles, including a strong customer focus, top-level involvement, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Why choose Finecert for ISO Certification ?

We’re known as the global leader in certification, and we deal with clients from every industry. Finecert’s ISO 9001:2015 audit can assist your company in growing and improving its performance.

In addition to ISO 9001 audits, we also provide the following additional services:

  • ISO 9001 Gap Analysis – to determine certification preparedness.
  • Systems for Integrated Management Certification – solutions are audited against a set of custom quality performance standards.

Finecert has a track record of effectively completing large-scale, complicated international projects thanks to its global presence. Our employees are fluent in the local language, are familiar with the culture of the market, and work in a consistent, dependable, and efficient manner globally.

The process to get ISO 9001 certified in Ghana

  • Submission of Application: You must submit the application with the needed details after selecting the required ISO Standard. Finecert can provide a comprehensive quote for ISO Certification in Ghana. Finecert must review the quote and begin the ISO Certification Project.
  • Implementation: Based on the gap analysis, our consultants will create an implementation plan. and assist you in preparing all relevant ISO Documents in accordance with the desired Standard. We’ll conduct an internal audit of your company to confirm that the system is working properly.
  • ISO Certification Body Audit: We’ll work with the Certification Body to set up a Certification Audit. The audit will be conducted in stages by the Certification Body to ensure that the ISO Standard is followed.

Audit stage 1: As part of the Stage 1 ISO Certification Audit, Certification auditors will examine your documented system. Depending on the requirements, this can be done online or on-site.

Audit stage 2: Following the initial review, an auditor from the Certification Body will visit the organization to evaluate the system that has been implemented. If all of the relevant requirements are met in accordance with the standards, you will be awarded an ISO certification in Ghana. It’s a flexible process that will allow you to clear non-conformities and run an audit again if you are not satisfied.

ISO 9001 Certification For Major Industries or Organisations in Ghana

ISO Standards can be used to certify any company. ISO certification is available to enterprises of various sizes, from small (one person) to large. All businesses whether in the food industry, online businesses, product-based industries, transportation services, or multinational companies can all obtain ISO 9001 Certification in Ghana to improve the quality of their product and services.