ISO 45001: 2018- Occupational Health & Safety Management

ISO 45001 certification in Libya

The ISO 45001 standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems is a new worldwide certification standard (OHSMS). Adoption of the standard aids in the implementation of a comprehensive approach to occupational health and safety, as well as the improvement of a current OHSMS. Finecert’s ISO 45001 certification demonstrates your company’s dedication to employee safety around the world.

Every day, tens of thousands of people die as a result of avoidable workplace accidents. Occupational accidents claim the lives of more than 2.7 million people worldwide, according to the ISO and the International Labour Organization (ILO). In addition, 374 million non-fatal injuries occur each year, resulting in four or more days away from work. ISO 45001, in the opinion of many health and safety experts, including those who participated on the ISO committee, is a watershed moment. Businesses of all sizes may now use a single framework that provides a clear path to developing stronger and more robust occupational health and safety measures for the first time on a global scale.

Why choose Finecert for ISO 45001 Certification in Libya?

We build on years of global expertise as a leader in professional ISO certification and consultation services. Our certifications are aided by experts who will guide you along your whole certification process. Contact us right away to obtain ISO 45001:2018 certification in Libya.

Steps to certification ISO 45001 certification in Libya

Step1: Fill out a Quote Request Form so that we can learn more about your business and your needs. This can be done by filling out either the online fast quote or the official quote request form. We’ll utilise this information to precisely determine your assessment scope and give you a certification proposal.

Step2: We’ll contact you to schedule your assessment with a Finecert Assessor once you’ve accepted the plan. The Initial Certification Audit is made up of two necessary visits that make up this examination. Please keep in mind that you must be able to show that your management system has been fully operational for at least three months and has undergone a management review as well as a full cycle of internal audits.

Step3: A certification decision is made following a successful two-stage audit, and if positive, Finecert issues certification to the relevant standard. A hard copy and a soft copy of the certificate will be sent to you. The certification is valid for three years and is renewed every three years through an annual surveillance audit and a recertification audit.

ISO 45001 Certification For Major Industries or Organisations in Libya

The involvement of workers in recognising potential health and safety dangers at work is an important new notion. This might be in the shape of a representative team tasked with identifying health and safety issues at all levels of the company. Every clause encourages proactive action targeted at reducing occupational injuries and fatalities by incorporating risk-based thinking.