How will ISO 22000 Certification in Jordan help organizations to increase the trust within the food produced in order for safe consumption? Jordan is one of the developing countries located in the Arabian region in Western Asia with Amman city as the capital of the country, which is the largest city among all the others. The country’s economy is coming from industrialization and tourism. As food safety issues are very dangerous and as per history it has led to tremendous losses, penalties, and company lockout, health issues. In this situation attracting customers towards your organization to buy food manufactured by your firm is only possible when you create trust within the customers. This is only possible when you implement ISO 22000 Certification in Jordan and we being an ISO 22000 Certification consultant in Jordan help your company to be certified. In the year, 2005 only over a million people died from diarrheal diseases with food contamination as a major cause. Only in Jordan, it is estimated that an average annual amount of million cases of foodborne diseases. In addition, food safety problems also generate severe economic losses and increase unemployment and litigation.

What is the standard about?

It is a standard developed and published by International organization for standards which specifies the requirements on food safety management system. Once all possible hazards have been identified we are supposed to implement the necessary control in order to keep food safe from getting spoiled leading to food safety issues once it has been consumed. The standard asks the company to give the necessary training for all the employees involved in food production. ISO 22000 Certification in Jordan is the only standard, which covers all organizations that produce, manufacture, handle, or supply food or feed, such as transport operators, storage providers, processors, retailers, packaging material manufacturers. Given this, initiatives have been undertaken in many countries to formulate voluntary rules. However, the vast increase in the number of private reference systems based on the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) method led to a certain amount of confusion among the various groups in the food industry.

ISO 22000 Certification in Jordan provides an international dimension. ISO 22000 consulting in Jordan helps in imposes structured and targeted communications. ISO 22000 is based on a process approach; not a product approach. It is helping your organization focuses on mastering essentials. ISO 22000 has made it possible to fill in certain gaps that hindered proper understanding and use of the HACCP method. The standard makes it possible to priorities control measures based on criteria linked to the probable of the occurrence of a certain type of hazard and its severity. In addition, ISO 22000 requires that control measures associated with critical control points will be validated before they are implemented.

By achieving an ISO 22000 certification in Jordan, you are adopting an internationally recognized system. In addition, from a health point of view, the ISO 22000 certification in Jordan has a great potential to fill the gaps in an organization that wants to export. In the food sector, Jordan was one of the first countries to benefit from the development of processed product exports by adopting an effective and internationally recognized food safety programmed.

What are the advantages of ISO 22000 Certification in Jordan?

  • One of the major advantages is that it builds customer trust in your organization leading to profit.
  • To win any of the government tenders it’s obligatory for all the food industries to be certified in order to participate in the tender
  • It helps the organization brand price to be recognized all over.
  • It helps the organization to streamline its process resulting in increased efficiency, employee retention, increased business from existing customers and more profit.
  • ISO 22000 certification in Jordan helps in lower the risk of liability. All organizations in the food chain should take responsibility for consumer safety.
  • ISO 22000 certification in Jordan helps the organization to more easily determine which safety hazards need to be controlled.
  • Improve the communication of the organization internally and externally.
  • ISO 22000 is the globally recognized standard. It will help in creating new opportunities across the globe.
  • It helps in saving resources.
  • Improve the optimization of resources.
  • Improves documentation.

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