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HACCP Certification in Lebanon

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a logical way to deal with distinguishing hazards in a food framework. HACCP is a well-known method of food safety that is based on principles of scientific risk assessment. HACCP Certification in Lebanon allows for the identification of “Hazards” in your food production process and the determination of “Control points” that must be implemented at those and finally the determination of “Preliminary Sanitation Plans” that must be implemented at those control points in order to eliminate the Hazards. In other words, HACCP is a method of identifying and implementing food safety controls to eliminate food safety Hazards.

Why Choose FINECERT For HACCP Certification?

FINECERT is one of the trustable organizations in Lebanon that has specialized in HACCP Consulting and Certification. HACCP in Lebanon is an important requirement for all food & related industries. Our experienced Food Safety consultants will help you with the necessary processes, procedures, manuals & other requirements to get HACCP certification in Lebanon.

What are the Major Benefits Of HACCP Certification in Lebanon?

Food safety is an issue that is becoming more and more vital in this day and age, especially in Lebanon. Loose and careless management of food safety could be the reason behind an outbreak of food-borne diseases, which could lead to serious health complications and even death. Thanks to the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) framework, companies are now equipped with a recipe for the perfect food system.

HACCP is a framework that gives a methodology to analyze the way that your organization is working to keep the wellbeing of your customers, clients, or assets. It is an essential part of the Food Safety System in Lebanon and is an essential part of any business or food establishment.

HACCP Certification for major Industries or Organizations in Lebanon

Today, most food companies are self-regulating their own food safety processes and standards, in order to meet the standards of their own organization. In contrast, some companies have started to implement HACCP standards in order to be certified by a third party. HACCP is a language within food safety management that can be understood by all types of people within the food industry, from the company’s executives to the middle managers and even the workers.

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