HACCP certification in Bahrain

HACCP Certification in Bahrain

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is one of the most internationally recognized frameworks. It is a systematic approach to ensure food safety by eliminating the biological, chemical, or physical hazards present in foods. HACCP certification also holds various significant benefits to businesses operating within the food chain. One such benefit is this Certification helps the organization to focus and determine the controls over processes and day-to-day activities that are necessary to ensure safe food. The Organization involved in food products can obtain HACCP to eliminate food safety hazards. The HACCP Certification process can be performed by organizations of any size and within any given sector. 

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point is a process that controls the overall system and identifies the hazards that might occur in food production. HACCP Certification in Bahrain delivers critical control points, critical limits, and control measures to monitor, maintain, and implement food safety procedures in the industry. HACCP Certification examines and addresses all kinds of hazards from the raw material to the finished product. This enables food producers and processors to prepare and supply high-quality, safe food products. Further, HACCP helps Businesses to satisfy customer requirements and comply with some legal requirements too.


HACCP Certification in Bahrain holds a systematic approach to identify, evaluate, and also to control food safety risks based on the seven principles below:

1. Conduct a Hazard Analysis.

2. Identify the Critical Control Points.

3. Establish Critical Limits.

4. Establish Monitoring procedures.

5. Establish Corrective actions.

6. Establish Verification procedures.

7. Establish Record-keeping procedures.

Why Choose Finecert for HACCP in Bahrain?

Finecert is one of the internationally recognized third-party bodies in Bahrain. We are an accredited consultant that provides certification services all over Bahrain such as Manama, Riffa, Muharraq, Hamad Town, Jidhafs, etc. As a team of professionals that hold expertise in providing HACCP Certification services with a practical business solution that further gives your company a competitive edge in the market.  We enable your business to obtain HACCP Certification in Bahrain in a short period of time and cost-effective manner. also provide various ISO Certification Standards on diverse ISO management systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, ISO 22000 for Food Safety, HACCP, GMP, and other international standards. For more information about HACCP Certification in Bahrain, you can write to us at  contact@finecert.com or you can call or WhatsApp us at +91 63642 14446.

Benefits of HACCP Certification in Bahrain:

  • HACCP is an internationally recognized food safety hazard.
  • HACCP Certification can be implemented throughout the food chain from the preliminary producer to the last retailer.
  • Demonstrates your industry’s commitment to food safety.
  • Provide you with the assurance that you are compliant with all the laws.
  • HACCP not only improves food safety but also benefits from the effective use of resources and timely reaction to food safety issues.
  • Creates Confidence in the minds of producers, stakeholders, and other suppliers.
  • Effectively controls the food safety risks across the complete food supply chain.
  • HACCP in Bahrain helps an organization increase product quality and increase the revenue system.
  • The implementation of HACCP cost varies depending on the requirements of the customers and the structure’s needs for compliance. 
  • The Organization can assure customers that its products are safe by implementing HACCP Certification that helps to identify and control the hazards that occur.

HACCP Certification for Major Industries or Organizations in Bahrain:

HACCP was developed to be adopted by all sectors within the food industry from growing, harvesting, processing, production, and distributing food for consumption. This certification can be utilized by any industry directly or indirectly involved in the food supply chain, which includes farms, fisheries, dairies, processors of food, and other services such as transporters, distributors, and foodservice providers (canteens, restaurants, fast food chains, hospitals, hotels, etc.)