HACCP- Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

HACCP certification in Angola

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is a technique for preventing microbiological, chemical, and physical contamination in the food supply chain that is widely used around the world. The HACCP method does this by identifying risks, defining critical control points, establishing critical limits, and validating, verifying, and monitoring control measures prior to deployment.

Companies’ ability to safeguard and enhance brands and private labels, create consumer confidence, and comply with regulatory and market requirements will be enhanced if HACCP is implemented effectively.

Why choose Finecert for HACCP Certification in Angola

Completing as much of your HACCP plan as feasible, testing it, and implementing it is the best way to ensure your HACCP certification grant. If your HACCP plan isn’t suited for your food business and you haven’t implemented it yet, it won’t matter if it’s complete. One of the evaluating variables is your records of prompt response to keep food safety a top concern. During a HACCP audit, extra time will be spent interrogating you due to food safety issues stemming from non-compliance with food legislation. Make use of our services to ensure that all relevant HACCP plan documents are covered.

Benefits of HACCP certification in Angola

The following are the key advantages of HACCP-based procedures:

  • In the long run, it saves your company money.
  • It keeps you from poisoning your consumers.
  • Food safety regulations are being tightened.
  • Ensures that you are following the law.
  • The quality of food is improving.
  • Organizes your method so that you can make safe food.
  • Organizes your team, encouraging collaboration and efficiency.

HACCP Certification For Major Industries or Organisations in Angola

You’ll need a HACCP certification to show your consumers and partners that your food business is operating securely. As a result, everybody who works in the food industry should seek HACCP certification, such as;

Restaurants, catering firms

Food transportation services

Services for food preparation