GMP Certification & consultation company in South Africa

GMP Certification in South Africa

GMP is an international standard, which stands for Good manufacturing practices. It was developed to ensure the quality of products that are consistently produced and managed accordingly. GMP Certification in South Africa is implemented to test and monitor the manufacturing and quality control of processes in the food and pharmaceutical industries. GMP Certification sets out the requirements to assure hygiene and safety throughout the production and food supply chain. GMP (Good manufacturing practice) is intended to enable businesses to reduce the risks involved in the production that cannot be eliminated through testing the final result. This safeguards the customer from purchasing a product that is not dangerous and not harmful to the health.

To follow good manufacturing practices 10 key principles need to be addressed. they are:

  • PRINCIPLE 1: Step-by-step written procedures.
  • PRINCIPLE 2: Follow procedures.
  • PRINCIPLE 3: Document work.
  • PRINCIPLE 4: Validate work.
  • PRINCIPLE 5: Incorporate quality, safety, and productivity into facilities & equipment.
  • PRINCIPLE 6: Maintain facilities & equipment.
  • PRINCIPLE 7: Define, develop & demonstrate job competency.
  • PRINCIPLE 8: Make cleanliness a daily habit.
  • PRINCIPLE 9: Build quality into the product.
  • PRINCIPLE 10: Conduct compliance & performance audits.

Benefits of GMP Certification in South Africa:

  • Improves the industries capabilities towards the quality of the products, safety assurance, and safeguard workplace.
  • GMP Certification in South Africa helps companies towards Employee engagement and enhances the productivity of the company.
  • Decrease safety threats in product quality and safety.
  • Increases customer confidence in your products or services.
  • Enables in reducing the operational costs due to correct and liabilities due to non-compliance.
  • Improve brand image and business credibility which strives the confidence of the shareholders.
  • Compliance with all laws and regulations associated with food safety and health.
  • GMP Certification helps to boost business opportunities.

Why Choose Finecert For GMP in South Africa?

The most effective way to implement GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) in South Africa is through a consultancy, with the company that you are working with to ensure they are meeting the required standards. Why waste time and money on unworkable systems, when our consultants can provide you with the expertise, skills, and experience to formulate a system that will be beneficial to your company. Your company may also qualify for a rebate, or be eligible for government subsidies for implementing GMP.

It is evident that there are many industries that can benefit from GMP certification in South Africa, but what exactly does that mean? GMP certification is the internationally accepted quality management system that ensures high standards of quality throughout the production of food and pharmaceutical products. Africa is a continent with a great potential for manufacturing, particularly for the agricultural and food industry. The population on the continent is growing at an alarming rate and the continent’s economy is on a rise, which will inevitably lead to more demand in these sectors. This has led to the need for a better supply chain management system and the industry globally is getting more and more pressure to implement it.

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