HACCP Certification in South Africa

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HACCP Certification in South Africa

he Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) food safety management system is a preventive risk assessment tool operated by the food industry to ensure that all food safety hazards are assessed and appropriate controls are put in place to eliminate or reduce contamination of food from those hazards. Food industries understand that being HACCP certified will provide assurance to the consumer that products are safely produced and processed.

HACCP is a well-accepted food safety benchmark which makes it important for businesses to go for it. HACCP can act as the gateway to export markets of organizations. Most countries require food to be produced as per the HACCP standard so that customers can be assured that the food has been manufactured as per international standards.

Effective Cleaning To Meet the Demands of HACCP Based Food Safety Programs.

As per the HACCP, floors in the site area must be designed in such a way that drainage and cleaning happen quickly and any excess waste liquid is able to flow out without any hassles. This can be achieved by incorporating the use of cleanable stainless steel drainage into the floor plan of the site area. The floor then needs to be connected with the drainage system so as to ensure there is no accumulation of water and make sure that waste liquid flows rightly to its designated location. This process can eliminate the practices that are unsafe & is better than the regular unsuccessful methods used for perishable foods. HACCP is now being applied to industries than such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, apart from food.

Benefits of HACCP

  • Credibility – HACCP in Cape Town provides your credibility for your existing as well as potential customers worldwide.
  • Compliance – HACCP in Johannesburg indicates compliance with HACCP-based food safety regulations.
  • Consumer and Supplier Confidence – HACCP in South Africa helps in increase in the confidence of your customers on the quality of your products.
  • Reduces Risk – HACCP in Durban helps in reducing risk of unsafe products through the identification and management of risks to food safety at critical control points.
  • Commitment – HACCP in Pretoria shows your commitment in managing food safety.

Why Choose Finecert?

Getting your company certified with an internationally recognized and trusted firm shows your customers that you value their satisfaction and expectations. Your company knows that HACCP certification, as well as ISO certification in Cape Town, adds value through increased efficiency and reduced risk. Certification is a continual process, and you will be working closely with us for years to come, so ensure you pick the best.

Finecert is internationally recognized and trusted. We understand your business and your unique needs to assist you best.  We analyse your corporate strengths, and find opportunities for improved processes to help you keep up with the market competition.

Why Finecert is Different:

  • Dedicated Client Services Managers
  • A Client Services Manager is assigned to each client as a main point of interaction.
  • Certified Auditors
  • Professionals conducting audits are key to our success.
  • Customer Satisfaction Process
  • We collect your feedback after each process to analyse our performance & incorporate any suggestions for our improvement.

How to get HACCP certification in Capetown?

Well, we hope that by going through some of the blogs here, you have a fair idea that Finecert can be a useful partner for all your requirements of HACCP in Africa. All you need is understand the necessity to secure your valuable information. Once you know the advantages of this, you need to get in touch with Finecert to assist you on how to get HACCP certification in Capetown.

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Once you understand the importance of ISO in Durban for your organization, Finecert comes into the picture. To assist your organization with all the HACCP services in Durban, we at Finecert are confident of using our expertise in providing your organizations with the HACCP Certification in Durban & also the HACCP Consultation in Durban.

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Having a HACCP in Johannesburg is sure to benefit your organization in a way that it shows your interested customers of the importance you give to maintain quality process resulting in standard food safety practices in your Organization. We strive to be the best HACCP certification provider as well as the best HACCP consultants in Durban with the services we provide to organizations.

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