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CE Mark in South Africa

CE stands for “European Conformity.” When a product bears the CE mark, it indicates that it is suitable for sale in Europe. The CE mark on a product is required and must comply with 24 European directives. CE marked products are responsible for ensuring that a product complies with all applicable European health, safety, and environmental regulations. CE Mark Certification in South Africa, often known as CE marking, is a manufacturer’s certification that their products conform with EU Directives. These directives apply to products manufactured in or designed to be sold in the European Union, as well as products manufactured in or designed to be sold in the European Union. As a result, the CE mark is recognized all around the world. If a product bears the CE certification, it is safe for users and does not include any dangerous components or materials.

Why choose Finecert for CE Mark Certification?

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The process to get CE Mark in South Africa

  • Find out which EU Directives apply to your goods.

Identifying and classifying the product, as well as the applicable Directives and Regulations.

Your product may be subject to more than one Directive/Regulation!

  • Identify and cover the directive’s applicable requirements

Identifying and assessing your product in relation to the most important requirements.

Ascertain if the product satisfies all of the standards.

  • Technical documentation compilation

Getting ready for the formality and proof.

Technical aspects of the product’s design, manufacture, and/or functioning are examined.

  • Creating a Conformity Declaration (DOC)

The manufacturer’s declaration that the product complies with all relevant product safety standards of the relevant CE marking directives.

Making a Declaration of Conformity and signing it.

  • Putting the CE stamp on it!

The product is labeled and marked according to the specifications.

Finally, label the goods with the correct CE stamp.

CE Mark Certification For Major Industries or Organisations in South Africa

CE mark is a certification in South Africa that may assist you in obtaining certification for your products. The criticality of the product also plays a role in obtaining the certificate, and if your product falls under the category of medical equipment, you’ll need to use a different form of certification. You should hire a consulting agency that understands all of the standards and can provide certification for any type of product in any category.