Who we are?

Established & headquartered in the IT Capital of India, Bangalore, Finecert is the business unit of
Fineleaps Technology Pvt. Ltd. Finecert has grown into one of the leading provider for international
quality management solutions, business development, consulting & certification services for various
International Standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, ISO 20000,
CE Marking, HACCP & many more..

Finecert is now providing its operations in various parts of the globe with international footprint in the
Middle East and Africa. We specialize in providing ISO & related consulting & certification services
& solutions.
Finecert is undertaking projects in almost all sectors as well as high-value-added activities. Finecert is
strongly focused on serving the needs of international as well as domestic markets and is active in
carrying out projects.

Our teams of experts are involved in various projects across the world. Some major industries we
have worked for include transport, energy, infrastructure, information technology, food industry,
healthcare etc. We offer world-class services that satisfy our clients across all industries. Our client portfolio includes leading local as well as international companies as well as small and medium enterprises.Regardless of your organization size, industry sector or your geographical location.

Finecert is dedicated to providing you with the best value and superior services.
Based in Bangalore, India, Finecert works on the values of trust, fairness & genuine respect for our
customers, employees and business partners. Today, with over 30 qualified professionals based in
India, Dubai, Iraq, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Romania & Saudi Arabia, Finecert is a trusted name to
assist your organization with consulting & certification services for various International Standards
like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, ISO 20000, CE Marking, HACCP &
many more.

Finecert is a growing and developing organization having a set of principles given by the
management, that is based on mutual trust with clients. Finecert is committed to the adoption of
advanced methods of consulting to improve efficiency, provide rapid execution while ensuring high
quality performance for the customer’s project.

Finecert aims to reach at the top position with a successful track record, as total solutions provider
company by building its core business of providing solutions to organizations engaged in international
trade. Our objective is to be the one-stop solution provider for all the ISO & related consulting & certification. We guarantee custom built solutions to meet customer satisfaction through our expertise.

By empowering our front-line employees, we partner with our clients to provide solutions that deliver
value across their entire enterprise.
The management at Finecert has been continuously developing its human resources and capacity.
Today, on the foundation of its values and capabilities, Finecert is confident of evolving into a leading
international ISO consulting & certification firm.

Finecert would like its customers to recognize them for its reliability, flexibility and strong execution
track-record. Over the last few years, Finecert has continued to deliver much-needed customer
satisfaction. Through a simplified process, our highly skilled team have delivered tailor-made
solutions across all sectors and industries.

By partnering with various leading certification & audit firms, we ensure that the solutions we provide
integrate with your specific requirement. Working closely with our partners, our highly skilled team is trained and has access to partner resources which enables us to understand the functionality of your organization & suggest measures for process improvement. This ensures success of our projects. In addition to successful project execution, Finecert aims to pursue its development strategy which helps in expanding its business activities into new regional markets. With a notable presence in many countries and successfully assisting clients in many cities worldwide, Finecert provides clients with the low-cost advantage and offers customized and cost- effective services. We are here to help your businesses improve their operational excellence by achieving process improvement.

Why Us?

We are a regional provider of world-class solutions, with partners across the world. Finecert
specializes in several key sectors, including various ISO consulting & certification, CE certification,
HACCP & many more activities.

Finecert is a team with skilled employees, worldwide agent network and has a presence in many cities
all over the globe. We have handled organizations with different scope of work including but not
restricted to Construction, Power plants, IT sector, Residential complexes etc. Finecert has
associations with various top Certification & Accreditation bodies to assist your organizations with
the relevant requirements. Our experienced staff has successfully handled small to mid to high scope
of projects with lot of ease, thereby giving lot of confidence to our clients who get back to us every
time they have any related requirements.

At Finecert, we believe in providing consulting & certification services with not just business, but a
partnership approach. Building and sustaining a positive and supportive relationship with our clients
is at the heart of our working principle.

Our client base includes small traders, medium enterprises to large organisations from various
business sectors. Due to the wide range of businesses that we certify, you can be assured that our
consultants have in-depth knowledge and a world of experience of the various industry divisions in
which they work.

Our pricing transparency ensures that there are no hidden extra costs. Our quotes give prospective
clients a clear breakdown of what they paying for.
We have the attitude, skills, and knowledge to deliver the right solutions.

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