ISO 17025 certification in Qatar is a very important certification to prove for any organization or a company to show competence in testing and calibration performed internal to the organization. Qatar is one of the constitutional monarchy. The World Bank classifies it as upper-middle country. Qatar economy is relative diversified. ISO 17025 in Qatar is in high demand.

Many companies in Qatar frequently faces many problem. Laboratories have to Comply with regulations from different countries and region simultaneously with quality and Accreditation standards. The only solution to this problem is to combine all regulations. The quality manual should place the company’s own quality system first based on a well-known laboratory quality standard. The quality manual and standard operating procedures should include aspects of various regulations and quality standards applied within the organization. Basically there are two main parts for ISO 17025 Certification in Qatar i.e. Management requirement and technical requirements.

What is ISO 17025 Certification?

ISO 17025 is basically general requirements for competence of testing and calibration laboratories. ISO 17025 certification consultant in Qatar is a best source of knowledge. Major part of the standard emphasizes more on quality management system. And the other part of the standard emphasizes on the technical competence a laboratory is ready to demonstrate by producing consistent valid results of testing and calibration performed internal to the organization. Implementation of the standard is easy with the help of ISO 17025 consultant in Qatar. It is called as technical requirements and this is where ISO 17025 sets part from ISO 9001 standard which speaks only about the quality management system. ISO 17025 was developed and published by joint collaboration of ISO and IEC with a notion to get the quality management system adapted by the laboratories and to demonstrate competence in testing and calibration and also measurement. ISO 17025 certification audit in Qatar will help process of a laboratory to yield consistent result. The latest version of the Standard is drafted in a way that there is huge responsibility for the senior level management to ensure quality management system in the day in and day out activities performed by the laboratories such as testing, calibration and measurements. The revision of the standard is made considering only the senior level management responsibility to make their employees aware about the standard and themselves. It is highly recommendable to go for ISO 17025 consulting service in Qatar. In a nutshell, the requirements of the standard can be classified into two different things namely management requirements and technical requirements.

Benefits of ISO 17025 Certification:

  • Establishing a framework for the quality management system and improving the efficiency of the testing and calibration results.
  • Increased Brand value and recognition of the company.
  • Eligibility to bid or participate in any government or private sector tenders. But, ISO 17025 certification bodies in Qatar should be reputed.
  • It can be used as a good marketing tool.
  • It gives a competitive edge over other competitors.
  • Comply with all the legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Increasing the trust upon the company by customers.
  • Helps to satisfy the requirements of customers and interested parties with ISO 17025 audit service in Qatar.
  • Results inconsistent test and calibration reports and valid results.
  • Demonstration of the test and calibration performed internal to the organization.

These are a far more beneficial factor of ISO 17025. ISO 17025 certification cost in Qatar is a worthy investment. It can be used as a good marketing tool. The cost of ISO 17025 in Qatar is affordable and it is a promising return on investment. The benefits are not limited to a company willing to win over its competitors. It is the responsibility of the senior management level to make the right decision at the right time. ISO 17025 consultants in Qatar will help your organization to understand what all documentation is required. ISO 17025 consultants in Qatar will help your laboratory to prepare for internal and external audit.

Finecert being one of the best ISO 17025 consultants in Qatar makes sure that your organization gets ISO 17025 certification in Qatar from among the top Accreditation bodies. To know more about how you can get your organization ISO 17025 certification in Qatar or ISO 17025 certification in Doha, you can write to us at  or visit and submit an inquiry with all information. One of our Certification experts shall contact you at the earliest to understand your requirements better and provide the best available solution in the market.

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